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By the grace of Allah, and then the directive of our wise leadership in this generous country, King AbdullAziz University's Rabigh Branch was opened in the year 2008 as a growing seed to a new University which would benefit this part of our beloved nation. And so the College of Sciences & Arts in Rabigh was the first step in this new edifice, where it started recieving the students of the preparatory year for the first semester of the academic year 2008/2009. Also the College of Sciences & Arts in Rabigh contains the following departments:Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science. Following those departments are some supporting ones like the Islamic Studies & Linguistic Skills, English Language, and Communication Skills Department.

And Although the Brach is new, the support of our leadership represented by the Ministry of Higher Education is evident in the direct supervision and infinite support by King AbdullAziz University in providing the College in Rabigh with all that it requires like the teaching staff, buildings, equipment, and everything that would benefit the students and help them in their educational attainment, and equip them with the necesssary skills to enter the job market.

The College of Sciences & Arts in Rabigh takes pride in the fact that it is establishing a new knowledge society that is based on the economics of knowledge in an area that has a promising future.

And it is the College's mission to provide its students with the sciences and all that is new in their fields. And to train them on advanced technologies for the sake of preparing qualified cadres to lead the economis wheel in this promising area.

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