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Message from Dean


 Praise be to Allah who is rightous by his grace and blessings. And His peace and blessings be upon His Prophet, his family and companions. One of the good omens of this prosperous era, the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz -may God protect him- Is the spread of higher education in various regions and provinces in Saudi Arabia. And here we are seeing the Province of Rabigh gratified and pleased with the reception of the College of Sciences & Arts in Rabigh in 2008 a.h. as the first college in the King Abdullaziz Universtiy Branch in the Province. This comes as an implimentation to the directives of the High Commissioner, supported by the efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education and the supervision of the University of the Founder, the University of King AbdullAziz.
And it is a great pleasure to us that the College of Sciences & Arts in Rabigh would contribute by directly supervising the Preparatory Year in the University's Branch, commited to the high scientific standards and credibility in performance, thus maintaining the outputs and achieving the concept of TQM.

Our College have a Vision and a Mission...

Our Vision is summarized in that we are proud to establish a knowledge society based on the economics of knowledge in an area with a distinctive economic future.

And our mission is to provide our students with science and modern knowledge. And to train them on advanced technologies to prepare qualified cadres to lead the economic wheels in this promising area.



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